ATTN: NA MMO Players

Got this from the /FFXIV subreddit. It has a lot of NSFW language, but this just speaks for itself the general state of not only the NA FFXIV raiding community, but MMOs in general: JP Player Calls out NA Community. But the general message from this is IF YOU WANT THE COMMUNITY TO GET GUD, YOU NEED TO THROW THEM A BONE TOO.

I literally could replace “Party Finder/Duty Finder” with “premade group finder” and it’s the exact same problem in WoW.  I get it, four months into this tier, no one wants to spend time wiping on normal Archimonde. At the same time as well, it’s to the point where you can’t even get into a group to get practice in because people want you to have a multiple-upgraded legendary ring and either the Time is a Flat Circle or the heroic AOTC achievements.

Oh but Tan, you can just start your own group to practice downing Archimonde! Yes, I do exactly that – every Saturday. And every single time we down Mannoroth most of the group leaves even with a one-shot on him and those who stick around to attempt Archi bail after the first wipe. At first I tended to blame this on normal and heroic being in group finder, but honestly it comes down to the mentality of the NA (arguably EU, though I can’t speak for them) MMO player in general. No one is willing it put in effort, people just want to be carried to shinies. And a built-in group finding system such as Duty Finder (in 14) or Premade Group finder (in WoW) just makes this mentality much easier to pull off with zero repercussions.

Yes, you could argue I should just put together a 10-15 person raid of people who will show up on time for progression. But people get tired or burnt out from the game, or have real life things that get in the way, or honestly are just awful players hoping to be carried. It’s one thing to take someone who has the willingness to learn fights even if they’re not topping the charts  or have the gear, it’s another to just have someone who is too flat out lazy to do basic things like look up their rotation or continuing to die to the same mechanic over and over.

This player hit the nail on the head, in my opinion.

An Anemic Legendary?

Four months into tier 18, and I think by now most of us are aware that Hellfire Citadel rewards you with a 735 legendary ring for your appropriate spec, upgradable to a whopping 795 assuming you can get into groups that have Archimonde on farm every lockout. Having obtained legendary rings on my mage and paladin, I feel like this expansion’s meta legendary isn’t as impressive when compared to the legendary cloaks during Mists of Panderia.

First, let’s look at what each ring does, quoting directly from Wowhead:

  •  Thorasus, the Stone Heart of Draenor,  Nithramus, the All-Seer,  Maalus, the Blood Drinker: Awakens the powers of all the Savage Hallows worn by you and your allies, increasing damage dealt by (2500 / 100)% for 15 sec.

    When this effect ends, each empowered player unleashes a blast of light that strikes all enemies within 20 yards of the initiating player’s location, inflicting damage equal to (2500 / 100)% of all damage they dealt while empowered. (2 min shared cooldown) [Str, Int, Agi DPS]

  •  Etheralus, the Eternal Reward: Awakens the powers of Etheralus rings worn by you and your allies, increasing healing and absorption done by (2500 / 100)% for 15 sec.

    When this effect ends, each empowered player unleashes a burst of energy that shields your allies, absorbing damage equal to (2500 / 100)% of all healing done while empowered, divided evenly among the shielded players. (2 min shared cooldown) [Healer]

  •  Sanctus, Sigil of the Unbroken: Awakens the powers of Sanctus rings worn by you and your allies, granting ( – 772 /- 100)% Versatility for 15 sec. [Tank]

    For the duration of this effect, all damage and healing received is divided evenly among empowered allies. (2 min shared cooldown)

As you can see, all the rings have a shared 2 minute cooldown. Seems reasonable, right? Two minutes in the grand scheme of a fight really isn’t that long. Hell, I think the tank and healing legendary activated bonuses are pretty nice and beneficial to the entire raid as a whole.

My problem is with the DPS rings. Yeah, it’s a 25% (at 735) boost in damage to everyone wearing the legendary ring in the raid when activated every two minutes. However, only the PERSON WHO TRIGGERED THE COOLDOWN will benefit the most from the explosion. Generally, you want to have a melee dps be the one to trigger it for maximum effect. In a dedicated, more organized group I can see how this might be helpful, but in a pug or LFR situation? People (usually a ranged all the way out in BFE, or Brazilian/Mexican PUG who doesn’t understand English) just macro it into one of their other cooldowns and blow it everytime it’s off cooldown, then brag and spam Skada results to the group with their “lol big deepz.” Very obnoxious, and in my opinion, poorly thoughtout for a legendary effect. Also I feel like, if you don’t have enough people in your raid group with the legendary (or you’re the only one with it), the on-use effect and the follow-up burst of damage at the end doesn’t make up for the loss of a 15% increase to your primary stat proc from the 715 ring.

Maybe I just need to experiment more with it, or wait until I can run as a DPS in groups where more people have the DPS ring, but my mage feels so anemic after having gotten Nithramus.

Play testers, what are those?

Starting from Blackrock Foundry and continuing into Hellfire Citadel, I had a feeling that a lot of the blocks my friends and I were facing when we tackled normal modes every Saturday night was nothing compared to how we approached Siege of Orgrimmar’s “flex” mode encounters.

And no, I don’t just mean the encounters themselves. Or the fact I generally have to PUG in raiders in general just to fill out a team.
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Does the Legion finally fall?

Despite spending the majority of my time recently in Eorzea, that doesn’t mean I’ve been completely ignorant to the recent announcement about Legion over in WoW. I’m honestly just… cautiously anxious about what’s coming into the game in 7.0, considering how dissatisfied I’ve been with WoD so far. There are, however, a few things coming with Legion that I’m not excited about at all.
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A Long Overdue FF14 Post

Miri and her waifu, Puff of Darkness

Miri and her Waifu

Dear WoW, I’ve been cheating on you for quite some time with Final Fantasy XIV, and I don’t even care who gets angry about it. My character is an adorable little Dunesfolk Lalafellin lass named Mirian Miri. I picked the game up on a friend’s suggestion back in late October (the same day patch 2.4 dropped, which introduced the rogue class and Ninja job), and I’ve been having a blast since the I created my lalapaladin. Though paladin (PLD) is her main job, I’ve gotten all of the 2.0 jobs up to 35+ on the same character, with most of them hitting level 50 and including the crafting jobs as well. Swapping a job in FF14 is as simple as changing your main-hand weapon/tool, so there’s really very little need to roll multiple characters to play different jobs unless you’re really into it for RP/raiding reasons. If you haven’t tried FF14 yet, I suggest you check it out with their 14-day free trial. Be sure to get a Refer-A-Friend code from the /ffxivraf subreddit, which rewards you with a cute little headband that gives you a 25% experience boost up til level 25. The trial version caps you out at level 20, however, but it’s a good chance to pick up and try out other jobs as well. If I had any one real complaint about the game, it’s with how much Square Enix babies you at the very beginning. The first 15 or so levels are literally one very long, very extended tutorial that treats the player as someone fresh to the MMO genre. As such, it gets a lot of heat from people coming to FF14 from other MMOs for being “too slow” and “boring.” I myself wasn’t very enchanted with it during my trial period, but after I got past the level 15 hump and was able to try out the other jobs, I really began to enjoy the game so much more. Please, please don’t let this act as a deterrent… the game tells a great story AND has familiar gameplay reminscent of WoW. Another common complaint about FF14 is the fact that there is one very large, very meta questline (henceforth referred to as the main scenario quest, or MSQ) that everyone is forced to go through just to get from level 1 to level 50. Then there’s five patches of additional MSQ questing just to be able to reach the point where you can start with the recently released expansion content. It’s all worth taking your time to play through and enjoy–don’t rush through it, and don’t try to skip too many cutscenes. Yes, there are a lot of them (especially towards the end of the level 50 2.0 stuff), but they’re worth every second of watching. So, now with WoW basically being free to play for me thanks to too much gold with nothing to spend it on but WoW Tokens, I can pay $13/month for my FF14 sub and not feel guilty about it at freaking all. Expect more FF14-related posts from me!